Publications: 2023

Enhancing interactivity in structural optimisation through reinforcement learning: an application on shell structures

Mirra Gabriele, Pugnale Alberto

July 2023 | Conference Paper

This paper describes a novel approach to structural optimisation based on learning design strategies rather than searching for optimal solutions. In the proposed approach, an AI agent is trained through Reinforcement Learning (RL) to explore a 3D modelling environment and iteratively morph a flat NURBS surface into a doubly-curved shell...


Aeolus: a Grasshopper plugin for the interactive design and optimisation of acoustic shells

Mirra Gabriele, Mack Michael, Pugnale Alberto

July 2023 | Conference Paper

The design of music venues, such as concert halls and open-air concert stages, requires an integrated approach in which the acoustic response of the space being created is evaluated at every stage of the process to inform its formal development and associated performance. Various software exists to assess acoustic performance:...


Using technology innovation and blended delivery for student-centred learning in large undergraduate classes

Holzer Dominik, Pugnale Alberto

June 2023 | Conference Paper

Delivery methods of Higher Education classes have been scrutinised globally during the COVID-19 pandemic as academics and students were forced to shift rapidly to online delivery modes. In a post-COVID-19 scenario innovative teaching and learning approaches are required to rethink how large student cohorts can be educated online and on...


Architecture Beyond the Cupola: Inventions and Designs of Dante Bini

Pugnale Alberto, Bologna Alberto

May 2023 | Book

This book reviews Dante Bini’s inventions and designs, focusing on his form-resistant Binishell and other pneumatic construction systems. Dante Bini’s double profile of architect and builder underpins the narrative of the entire book. It is used to analyse the evolution of the early reinforced-concrete Binishell patent into a variety of...


Supporting the journey of architecture students towards graduation through a design ePortfolio

Colabella Sofia, Pugnale Alberto, Mack Michael, Woo Catherine

May 2023 | Article

This paper presents the different steps of the journey that led to the development and implementation of a design ePortfolio as part of the “Architecture Major” of the “Bachelor of Design” (BDes) at The University of Melbourne, Australia. This design ePortfolio was developed over two years through interviews, focus groups...


(Frontiers) Editorial: Biologically-informed approaches to design processes and applications

Pugnale Alberto, Stuart-Fox Devi, Elgar Mark A., Laschi Cecilia, Dumanli Ahu Gumrah

January 2023 | Article

Practitioners across domains—from architectural design (Zari, 2010; Ha and Lu, 2020), medical interventions (Chen et al., 2021), and robotics (Coyle et al., 2018; Ahmed et al., 2022) to materials science (Wegst et al., 2015)—are increasingly drawing inspiration from biology to address a wide range of challenges. This is perhaps unsurprising...