Publications: 2012

Reciprocal systems based on planar elements: Morphology, classification and design issues

Baverel, Olivier & Pugnale, Alberto

November 2012 | Conference Paper

This paper deals with the design of reciprocal spatial configurations based on the use of planar elements, which are investigated and classified according to their morphological characteristics and potential. Reciprocal structures are generally designed with the use of linear elements. Since their historical conception, at least in Western culture, they...


Engineering Architecture: Come il virtuale si fa reale (How Virtual Becomes Real)

Pugnale, Alberto

September 2012 | Article

In: "Bloom", vol. 14, pp. 17–24. Original Italian abstract (English text below): Negli ultimi vent’anni l’impatto del digitale in architettura è cresciuto esponenzialmente, manifestandosi nei ‘BLOB’ informi di Greg Lynn1, come anche nelle cosiddette ‘free-form’ dei NOX2. L’aggettivo ‘free’ identifica la libertà di generare forme architettoniche a prescindere da ogni...


Three-dimensional reciprocal structures: morphology, concepts, generative rules

Parigi, Dario & Pugnale, Alberto

May 2012 | Conference Paper

This paper presents seven different three-dimensional structures based on the principle of structural reciprocity with superimposition joint and standardized un-notched elements. Such typology could be regarded as being intrinsically three-dimensional because elements sit one on top of the other, causing every configuration to develop naturally out-of the plane. The structures...


Approaching technical issues in architectural education

Pugnale, Alberto & Parigi, Dario

May 2012 | Conference Paper

This paper discusses the teaching of technical subjects in architecture, presenting two experimental activities, recently organized at Aalborg University - a two-week-long workshop and a one-day long lecture. The activities are strategically placed between seminar-based subjects and architectural design studios, from the pedagogical point of view. On the one hand,...