Publications: 2010

On the Optimal Design of Glass Grid Shells with Planar Quadrilateral Elements

Sassone, Mario & Pugnale, Alberto

December 2010 | Article

This paper presents an optimization procedure for the solution of the planarity problem, a requirement of grid shells with four or more sides faces that need of having four adjacent nodes laying on a plane in order to use plane glass slabs as cladding elements. It can be satisfied by...


New conceptual design tools: towards designers as software customizers

Pugnale, Alberto, Holst, Malene Kirstine & Kirkegaard, Poul Henning

November 2010 | Conference Paper

This paper aims to discuss recent approaches in using more and more frequently computer tools as supports for the conceptual design phase of the architectural project. The present state-of-the-art about software as a conceptual design tool could be summarized in two parallel tendencies. On the one hand, the main software...


The church of Longuelo by Pino Pizzigoni: Design and construction of an experimental structure

Deregibus, Carlo & Pugnale, Alberto

January 2010 | Article

This paper presents a critical study about the church of Longuelo (Italy), designed in 1966 by Giuseppe “Pino” Pizzigoni (1901–1967), an Italian architect who lived and worked in Bergamo. He began his studies on shell structures in the 1950s and many of his buildings show outstanding skills in conceiving and...