Gridshell Design & Fabrication

This collection of Grasshopper Video Tutorials was produced for the Melbourne School of Design (MSD) studio: How virtual becomes real at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning of the University of Melbourne.

Content development: Alberto Pugnale and Alessandro Liuti.

Creative team: Alberto Pugnale and Stanislav Roudavski.

Studio leaders: Alberto Pugnale and Louis Gadd.

Watch the tutorials on VIMEO.

These tutorial use Rhinoceros (Version 5 SR12 64bit), Grasshopper (0.9.0076), Karamba (1.1.0), Kangaroo (0.099), FabTools (0.95).

Tutorial List

Complete tutorial list

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Master FILE 1

Grasshopper master file on steel gridshell design and fabrication

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Master FILE 2

Grasshopper master file on timber gridshell design and fabrication

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Gridshell Design (G01)

Design of active-bending gridshells (G02)

Fabrication strategies for model making