“The Shape of Wine” 2020

“The Shape of Wine” 2020

“The Shape of Wine” 2020

In this 9th edition of "How Virtual Becomes Real", students explored the spatial and tectonic qualities of form-resistant structures by designing a winery in regional Victoria, therefore answering to the question: “What is the shape of wine?”

The studio was delivered fully online, with limited possibility to experiment with physical models. Case studies were used to familiarise with different computational workflows, and better understand the relationship between architecture and structural form.

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00 Studio 20 – Miro Screenshot

Final Miro Boards

00 Studio 20 Reviews 05 – Team

Final Reviews (via Zoom)

00 Final review drinks

Final drinks with the students at The Clyde

Design Studio Leaders: Alberto Pugnale and Alessandro Liuti; Technical Tutor: Gabriele Mirra

External guest crits: Atreyu De Lacy, Christie Petsinis, Sofia Colabella, Michael Mack, Brendon McNiven, Donald Bates

Cover image by Joshua Budgen and Weishang Liu