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“How to make things lighter” is a 10-day design studio on parametric design, form-finding, optimisation, technology and fabrication of timber gridshells, which took place at Nanjing University in June 2015.

During the studio, Karamba for Grasshopper was implemented as a tool to develop the form and optimise the geometry of timber gridshells. The studio results have been posted on Karamba3d.comWe are also proud to share the final results, with some images of the ‘work-in-progress’ phase!

Workshop images 02

Workshop images 01

Workshop images 03

Workshop images 04

(Photos by Sofia Colabella, Alberto Pugnale and Ziyu Tong)

The final projects are also featured in the “Nanjing University Yearbook 2014-2015”, edited by Wang Dandan. You can purchase it here: (NJU SA 2014-2015) ISBN 978-7-5641-6170-5.

Yearbook 2014-2015

Team: Xu Wentao, Liu Chen, Tian Jinhua, Zheng Wei

Karamba images 00

Karamba images 01

Karamba images 02


Team: Chen Lingjie, Sun Yaxian, TanJian, Xu Yan

Karamba images 03

Karamba images 04

Team: Chen Xiuyuan, Xu Siheng, Wu Shengyi, Zhang Mingjie

Karamba images 06

Karamba images 05


Team: Lian Yinghao, Zhang Cong, Yao Chenyang, Zhang Jin

Karamba images 07

Karamba images 09


Karamba images 08

Studio Leaders: Dr Alberto Pugnale and Dr Sofia Colabella

Studio Coordinators: Prof Tong Ziyu and the Dean Prof Ding Wowo

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