Engineering Architecture. Advances of a technological practice

I am going to defend my PhD thesis on 9 April 2010 at Politecnico di Torino. The core of my research regards the development of Genetic Algorithms for the solution of structural, acoustic and geometric issues of shell and gridshell structures.

You can read it here. In the appendix, you will find the Visual Basic codes of the Genetic Algorithms used.


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  1. Giulio Castorina

    Very well done!
    can’t wait to read it fully..



  2. massimiliano lo turco

    mi aggiungo ai complimenti e me la leggo volentieri..
    si percepisce fin da subito che è il lavoro è ben fatto, come tuo solito

    The Best


  3. Well-written, with strong arguments and also accessible in spite of the complexity of the subject.
    I enjoyed reading it.

    My compliment,

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