In this subject, students are exposed to various architectural design processes and workflows through a set of exercises focused on the diagramming, computing and prototyping of design precedents. Such exercises require the students to apply an iterative design thinking approach based on the abstraction, formulation, evaluation and transformation of ideas, which is an essential component of any design studio activity. Students learn how to communicate design ideas, processes and outcomes using architectural drawings and a variety of visual media and techniques.

The lectures present and discuss a range of processes and techniques in both the analogue and digital domains, with particular attention given to the most recent development in performance-oriented computational design and fabrication. The lectures support the students in developing a critical awareness of the relationship between design tools and outcomes. Such an understanding of how parametric modelling and fabrication strategies affect the design process will be developed and tested through reflective writing.

Assignments: (1) Diagramming; (2) Design Workflows; (3) Prototyping

Subject co-coordinators: Alberto Pugnale, Dominik Holzer

Subject design and Development: Alberto Pugnale, Dominik Holzer, Gabriele Mirra, Saran Kim.