Construction analysis


Construction Analysis is a second-year undergraduate subject of the Bachelor of Design, University of Melbourne, and a required subject for the students who want to complete a major in Architecture.

Construction Analysis explores the idea of construction as a process that strategically links determinate principles, materials, elements, systems and techniques. The subject is structured around an assignment called: “The Flipbook Section”. Generally, plans and sections are employed by architects to describe a building at the end of its production line, or ‘as-built’. The Flipbook Section subdivides this process into progressive stages to give emphasis to the logic and sequence of construction. 3D views are also produced to illustrate different building systems, and explain the relationship between performance requirements and architectural expression within each system.

Subject coordinators: Alberto Pugnale and Sofia Colabella (2018-present), Alberto Pugnale (2015-2018), Alberto Pugnale and Giorgio Marfella (2014), Alberto Pugnale and Paolo Tombesi (2012-2013).

Cover image: Assignment by Jiayun Ke (student), Ray Cheung (tutor).